Sensei James Barton

Shodan: 1st degree black belt


Sensei James began training in Japanese sword early in 2004. He always had an interest in sword but wanted to find something more than sport fighting. He found it at the Shobukai dojo.


Shobukai has a depth of practical knowledge and use that fits with our modern day. It has taught James more about himself than most anything else in his life.


His favorite thing about studying Japanese sword is the new things that he continues to learn about himself and others. Teaching sword to others has shown him what a gift it is to share this knowledge with others.


Basic training for James began under Sensei Armstrong, Sensei Hobart, and Sensei Horner.


In December of 2010 James attained the rank Shodan (1st degree) black belt. James continues to study under Sensei Armstrong.