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Can I come and watch a class? 

Yes, guests are welcome to come and watch class on any of our Monday or Thursday night classes. Feel free to come in and take a seat in the chairs by the entrance. After class we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do you teach kids?

We do not have a separate kids class at this time and due to the nature of our training we have a minimum age of 12 years old to participate in class.

Can I try a out a class?

Yes, guest are welcome to try a class. We require you to sign our standard training waiver to participate. Please show up 10 minutes before the scheduled start of class wearing comfortable workout clothing and bring a personal water bottle. Shoes are not allowed on the floor so be prepared to go barefoot or wear socks. The dojo will provide a bokken (wooden training sword) for the session.

How much does it cost to attend class?

Training cost is $110/month for three days a week. $90/month for two days a week of training and $45/month for one day

Do you charge testing or belt fees?

We do not charge a testing fee. Students can test as many times as needed. Once a student passes a test we do charge a minimal belt fee.

What equipment will I need to start training?

New students will need a properly fitting white karate gi and two bokken to start training. The dojo can help with resources on where to purchase these items.

Will I get to use a real sword?

New students train exclusively with wooden training swords called bokken. Once a student advances to blue belt and displays the proper level of skill and control they will start training with a blunt metal practice sword called and iaito. Upper belt students will also perform tamishigiri or target cutting with a live sharp blade called a shinken. 

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